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02 March 2012 @ 09:32 pm
English fanfictions  
So there are my favourite english fanfics from various fandoms. Most of them are NC17 or 18+ or M or call it what you like, but you have been warned.



by [info]blinkbling24
    Always have, always will
    "There has always been something mysterious about Kamenashi Kazuya."

    Blood Sakura
    "They cross paths many times after that. It was as though they are destined to meet."

    "Kame did not know why, but his heart warmed when he saw the two new friends hugging each other tightly once again."

    The Perfect Mess
    "If there was such a thing as a charmed life, Kamenashi Kazuya was certainly living it."

    To Be You
    "And it was only then that Jin realizes that he’s standing in Kame’s bedroom, in Kame’s very pristine apartment."

by [info]misao_duo
    Bad Habit
    "He opens his eyes slowly when his brain finally makes the connection. Smoke. Cigarette smoke."

    I'm trying not to tell you (but I want to)
    "He just wishes he knew if that had been before or after his 9th beer."

    Like on most days
    "There was no way he could have done that this time, though, he mused."

    Perfect for each other
    "Kame blinks a couple of times and stares pointedly at the clothing articles scattered everywhere."

    The coast is always changing
    "Jin chokes on his coffee but Kame, the one the question was directed at, just puts his mug down slowly and smiles,

by [info]randomicicle
    Falling in five stages (multichaptered)
    Family Ties (multichaptered)
    Of scissors, hair clips and conditioning treatments
    Sugar-covered madness
    Yellow Cab (multichaptered)

by [info]shontos_garden
    Driven | The Distance to Here
    Out of Ashes | In a Little While

by [info]spiritdream
    Falling is like this
    Iternational Relations

赤 -Red- by [info]goldfreckled
Boytoy | sequel by [info]latteswith
Opposites Attract: or Things Jin learned in the Afterlife by [info]katmillia
REMister by [info]prologuesized
Soft Skin Boys by [info]soundczech
Stages by [info]adistantsun
The bond between us | Our Future | Slightly Eternal by [info]auburn_witch
The way of things by [info]peroxide_fic
The way we fall by [info]wooden_buttons


by [info]agirlcalledkil
    Hypocrisy (KAT-TUN with each other)
    Quarter 'til 4am (TaNaka)


~Austria X Hungary~

by coeurgryffondor
    Glass Case
    "Elizabeta can almost see it in Roderich's hand on the battlefield instead of peacefully sleeping behind glass in its case"

    Tizenöt (multichaptered)
    "Married, Roderich thought as he sat next to the piano. He was going to be married."

Easier to Pretend by A-Fangirl-Named-Kizori
"They could pretend that their love was pure and true, but they both knew that it wasn't."

Our distance and that person by Aetriqa
"She was off again in one of her daydreams; or that was what he assumed them to be."

Words for Thoughts by Konstantya
"Hungary didn't know whether to be relieved or disappointed."

~Prussia X Hungary~

Disillusioned and Delusional by Flashback 1701
"In the morning, I was always alone."

Goodnight by TehDono
"She was a nation, strong, proud. Marriages hardly fit into the equation, let alone a child."

Inescapable by IDespiseTragedy
"Each became 'someone else who lived in the house' rather than 'a spouse.' And Prussia waltzed in."

Not quite Chopin by tensai-gaki
"He knew why he was here, just as he knew she knew. So he remained silent."

One Single Sound by SoDesuKa
""How about a game? ... I'll touch you in sinful ways... and if you make a sound while I do, you will have sex with me... deal?""

Prussian Blue by Domomomo
"Prussian blue. His blue."

Silent Songs (multichaptered) by KylaBosch
"If this was indeed a dream, Gilbert hoped he would never wake up from it."

Why? by Pugglemuggle
"But someone wiser than me once said that love is not a victory march. He was right."

Your Eyes and My Smile by RinaCath
"Forty-two rows in. Eighteen down, third pathway on the left. She knew the way. She didn't even have to think about it."

~Prussia X Austria~

by sithmarauder
    "After all, kisses are kisses. The emotions behind them hardly matter."

    "But who needs strength when one has cunning?"

    Tale That Wasn't Right
    "It's only natural that each nation has a nemesis, they say, like England has France."

A Matter Of Timing by Mingamelon
"They were always getting caught in the act."

Dancing with the Vampire by insanedeadvampire
"He reached his hand out for her to take."

I'll drink to that (multichaptered) by The Wistful Bloom
"For the faintest flicker of a second, both flinched, as if they were both ready to run in opposite directions and never speak of this again."

Kisses by Vanishing Show
"The point being, fights were inconvenient. It was better to just avoid them when possible."

Memory by BreatheInEMinor
"Roderich stares up at man. An albino, how peculiar."

Schwanengesang by ThisCouldTheoreticallyBeSparta
"He misses warming up in front of the fire with Glühwein and companionable silence, light kisses to skin that needs to warm up…"

Serendipity by FanSlewFantasy
"The first time he kisses me, he is drunk, stumbling into our room at three am smelling of beer, wearing a vocal lei and waving a bottle of schnapps."

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